About us

I`m Svetlozar Dobrev  owner of  WaveNiche.com

Svetlozar Dobrev

Born on September 9, 1987 from Bulgaria – Sofia city

I have been dealing with the Internet since the beginning of 2010, mainly with the development and maintenance of websites.

I have been passionate about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since 2012
I reached many peaks, conquered many goals and at some point I said to myself that I want to share this knowledge with more people.


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Analytical thinking has always been a weakness of mine, and in my pursuit of perfection I constantly find cracks in systems.

There are many easy ways to promote your personal blog or corporate website and I finally want to share them with you.
I have reached a level where I choose my own projects whether they are $$$ or $$$K dollars.

Why do I do it?

My aim is to help beginners in this industry as well as advanced ones.
My experience is huge, on this site I try to describe it as much as possible, and what’s more, I will always describe the Know-How that I have learned.

What will you find on this site?

In this site you will find information about:

  1. All the subtleties I’ve learned as a developer
  2. All techniques, tricks and tips for SEO optimization
  3. All the Marketing Hacks I’ve learned and consider good practices.
  4. All the best practices in the internet space.


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