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Article without SEO, why most times we fail

It’s hard to start from scratch without SEO optimization, without knowledge, you don’t even know where to look for the right information!

It’s hard to start from scratch without SEO optimization, without knowledge, you don’t even know where to look for the right information!
The ambition to produce a good and useful product is not always enough.

Why do we fail from the start?

The answer – because we haven’t seen the big picture, we don’t look down to see the whole plan.
That’s it, we just have to look from above to see all directions for development of our business, our product.

Before we think about online development, we need to imagine how the details will be structured.
OK, you’ve created a business with a unique product or service, but you need a website to promote and sell it.

The next step is choosing a domain – the name of your site, which is of great importance because this way your customers will reach you.

In most cases, the domain name is the company name, which is optional.
Imagine a company name “SEO optimization for search engines, marketing, advertising, optimization Object Relational Mapping” If we adhere that the domain should be like the name of the company it should be – SEOOptimizationForSearchEnginesMarketingAdvertisingOptimizationObjectRelationalMapping . com/net/eu/uk …

This is not serious 😉

Even in some cases, if we take into account the abbreviation of the company, which in this case is – SEOOFSEMAOORM …



It’s not serious again

In such a case, we are looking for something related and close, a synonym.
Here it is important to note that short domains are strongly recommended. Or more precisely, a domain that will be remembered with one utterance.

A short, memorable domain will skyrocket your search rankings!

The answer is easy! It’s much easier for offline advertising, person to person transmission 🙂
In this way, search engines see that something is being searched for that is new, that is a hit, and many people are searching for that thing. Search engines will quickly find and index it to be competitive.
It’s like having a MALL and not having a candy and water kiosk – every MALL has them 🙂

The next step is selecting a company to build and maintain your website

Do not underestimate it, it is very important.

Find several companies that can build you a unique and easy-to-use site, as well as maintain (update) it
Many companies would do this, but here I will tell you from experience, very carefully judge who you trust because a failed start leaves a bad impression on your future customers.

We are already moving towards development.

This includes all social networks, articles, vloggers, advertising networks…
No matter what you say, this is about money 🙂
Prepare to receive must and give.

And finally there are the improvements.

Improvements in the products / services you offer, improvements in communication with the end customer.
Improvements to the site that represents you to the world.
Here it is good to note that when you have an idea for the site, always coordinate it with the agency that takes care of your site, SEO optimization, marketing and advertising.

If you believe in what you have created, keep improving it. Success is not permanent, it is achieved through continuous improvement in all aspects

success is target
success is target

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